You can use the map below to locate us and here are some other key information:

  • SatNav Postcode: HS2 0QW
  • SatNav GridRefs:   X: 133421  Y: 950181   Latitude: 58.358732   Longitude: -6.5593140
  • Grid Reference: NB 33421 50181
  • Address:  7 Brue, Isle of Lewis, HS2 0QW  (Look out for a large yellow 7 and our name, Hebridean Home, on a red painted fence as you drive toward the ocean)
  • What 3 words: ///clerk.refers.plump  (

You can also use various forms of public transport to get to us.
Use Streetview on Google Maps to preview the property.
It has a yellow car sited outside it on Streetview (not in reality!).