Walk the Isle of Lewis

Walk the Isle of Lewis.  Apart from walking the Isle of Lewis you can also run or cycle these routes! Walking in the island is not always as easy as it looks.  Even after dry weather many routes can be boggy, beyond that which standard walking gear can take.  It can be hard to find a route where you don’t end up to your knees in peat bog so let us help.  In the summer months you can also find yourself under attack by nature, either dive bombing from the sky, or charging at you on four legs.  So care must be taken.

The roads are quiet. The locals appreciate cyclists, ramblers and runners like no-where else on earth. Peaceful and environmentally sound there is no better way to experience the island. The simple pleasures are to be found when the island reveals the smells and sounds of nature. Find out what Lewis has to offer by taking one of our routes shown here which indicate bog factor and nature issues!

Don’t want to walk?  Try one of our driving tours, or our fishing guides!

The Premier Route

4.65 miles  |  106 ft


From your Hebridean Home this is a great walk and can be done at any time but is especially great just as the sun rises or sets.  So in summer that’s 4am and midnight : ) !  This can be started from Hebridean Home or anywhere on the circuit.

Best parking is available at the start point shown as other roads have limited parking areas. The route can be cycled with bikes having to be carried over the pebble shore.

The Peat Route | 10.4 miles  466 ft

In days gone by, and definitely still for many today, cutting the peats was an annual summer ritual.  This route takes you out to those peat banks to see how much hard work took place to bring them home.

Loch Bruthadal West | 9.82 miles  400 ft

A gorgeous walk out the western coast of this massive loch.  In summer it is filled with geese training their young ones how to swim and fly in the V formation.  Take a sandwich and stop to watch!

Big Barvas Trek | 7.4 miles  270 ft

Taking in the full village of Barvas, and the Barvas cemetery, this trek is enjoyable.  It will take you out onto the local sand dunes and then along the pebbled coast.  Watch out for crazy birds and grazing cattle in summer!

Loch Bruthadal East | 5.8 miles  154 ft

A smaller route around this amazing loch.  If it has been raining the ground will be too wet to do the full final loop but it is certainly the place to test your nerve against a real moor and see why they are such obstacles to passage!

Barvas Village | 7.1 miles  201 ft

One of our favourite loops because the view from the croft road at the top of Barvas across to Ben Bragar is amazing.  Peaceful and gentle this is perfect for after Sunday lunch.

Arnol Loop | 5.2 miles  188 ft

This is a great walk but one for the 8th day in a run of 7 dry days for the going underfoot can be wet and difficult.  Its a chance to feel very remote though and sense island life clambering over the peat banks.

Bragar Cemetery Small | 1.16miles  91.5ft

This short loop around the Bragar Cemetery may be small but it has lovely views and offers both a chance to breathe in the sea air and also to read some fascinating headstones in the cemetery itself.  Good at all times of the year.

Bragar Cemetery Large | 2.3miles  142.4ft

This longer loop around the Bragar Cemetery takes in the area around South Bragar and a walk back along the quiet streets of the village.  With a variety of housing and landscapes to be seen on the way

Other Walks of Interest

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From Walkhighlands

Lewes Castle Grounds (not Lewis Castle!)

Butt of Lewis (which is at the top!)

Filiscleitir chapel

Ben Bragar

Westside Way (it’s a long one)

Gearrannan Black House Loop

Heritage Trail

Gearrannan Black House Loop

Tolsta Head

Scaladale to Tarbet

Eagle Observatory

Huisinis Beaches

Eilean Glas Lighthouse

Round Rodel


Even more information

Whether you walk, cycle or run this is an island, almost designed, for you and your group.  Take advantage of the quiet roads, the old peat routes and the designated running routes all over the island.  Remember that peat banks are protected in law and you should be aware of any damage off-route running, cycling or walking may cause.

With child friendly routes to challenging mountain hikes there is something for each of your party to enjoy.

Our home also offers a bike store, bike rentals, bike repair kits and a dry room so that you don’t have to offend the members of your group who are relaxing with stinky kit!

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