Fishing on the Isle of Lewis

Get acquainted with the rivers, lochs and seas of the Isle of Lewis and harris.  Fish all night in summer during our 18hr days of sun…especially as the fish start to jump for the flys!
At the bottom of the croft at our home is Loch Mor Bharabhais and the River Barvas which offers great bankside or boat fishing.  The price of a permit for loch and river is £20/day and permits are available at the Petrol Station in Barvas or by contacting Sylvia Walden, on 07855 307236. You can also discuss boat hire for the Loch.
You can also fish off the coast and at the estuaries of the lochs for fresh and salt water species.
All other fishing on the West side of the Island (considered from Barvas around to Carloway) is free of charge as long as the general laws of the water are observed with regards to fishing seasons and return of certain fish types/age to the waters.  Fishing is especially good for sea trout, wild salmon, brown trout, Arctic char, pollack, flounder and ferox trout.  There are also a plentiful supply of river eels to tangle around your equipment and their ability to produce slime will leave you wanting to cut everything down and start again!

Fisher’s Isle

The Isle of Lewis offers something for every fisherman and woman.  Whether your love is fly fishing on lochs and rivers for Salmon, coarse fishing with a rod and worms or sea-cliff fishing off some of Scotland’s most amazing cliff faces then Lewis is your new challenge that will have you returning year after year.
There are some very well defined fishing areas that require permits and there are thousands of lochs, as of yet un-fished by man.  In the summer months you can fish all through the night as the sun fails to dip below the horizon.
Our home is perfectly positioned for fishing with youngsters with a local river close by that lets you stand on river beaches to get the best angles into close, deep, pools of brown trout.  You can also dig for worms at your leisure!
Our home offers a kayak and lifejackets for rent as well as rods, reels and kit and we can let you know the best places to get your supplies.
You might also want to bring a midge net and repellent if you are out in the early hours or at dusk.  They enjoy a fisherman for dinner.
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Gyrodactylus salaris

Gyrodactylus salaris (GS) is a parasite which infects the skin, gills and fins of salmon, trout and some other types of fish in freshwater. It is less than half a millimetre in size, so small that it is barley visible to the naked eye. Despite this, it can cause serious damage in some strains of Atlantic salmon. The effects of this disease are so serious that salmon stocks have now been lost completely from more than 20 Norwegian rivers, with the particular race of salmon in affected rivers being lost forever. Gyrodactylus salaris does not occur in UK rivers but experiments carried out in Norway have shown that our salmon, like those of Norway, are killed by the parasite. It is therefore essential that the parasite is not introduced into UK waters.
To help ensure that the Outer Hebrides remains GS free all Fisheries in the Outer Hebrides require that anglers sign and present a declaration form to confirm that if they have fished abroad their kit has been thoroughly disinfected.
To help prevent an outbreak of Gyrodactylus Salaris anglers MUST disinfect their fishing equipment after fishing foreign waters. Gyrodactylus Salaris has had catastrophic effects on some foreign rivers and could easily be transmitted to rivers and lochs here without the correct preventive procedures being taken. All fishing tackle with no exception, should be disinfected, and if it has not you must inform the fishery management immediately on arrival.
Anyone wishing an information booklet on either catch & release or Gyrodactylus salaris should contact the Outer Hebrides Fisheries Trust on 01851 703434

More Information

For more information including tackle hire, tackle stock, fly, spinning & sea fishing catered for as well as outdoor clothing & footwear pop into Sportsworld, 10 Francis St, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis HS1 2XD Tel: 01851 705464 Fax: 01851 702037